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Medical Provider

Guide patients towards a nicotine-free life.

Empower your patients on their quit journey with valuable support, essential resources, and informative reading materials.

Refer a Patient

Support patients in their quit journey with Project Filter, where they can create a personalized quit plan, receive motivational texts and reminders, and celebrate milestones.

A Practical Guide to Help Your Patients Quit Using Nicotine

This guide provides simple steps for a quick intervention with nicotine-using patients and offers valuable cessation tips. It fits into your daily clinical workflow, making it accessible to the entire healthcare team.

Addressing Nicotine in Dental Settings

Dental professionals are key in shielding children and families from nicotine. Visits offer a chance to spot use, aid cessation, and protect loved ones from harm.

A Message Guide for Providers

Unlock insights and tips with this guide on framing conversations about preventing youth substance use. Explore effective ways to navigate these discussions and keep our youth safe.

Project Filter Resources

Explore Project Filter resources, from brochures to wallet cards and posters. These free assets are available to support and empower your patients on their journey to a nicotine-free life.



Keep Your Students Nicotine-Free.

Equip yourself to guide students to quit nicotine and maintain a nicotine-free campus. Explore resources to support your efforts in creating a healthier environment for your students.

KNOW VAPE: The Dangers of Youth Vaping

Explore lessons and activities for educators on youth vaping, anchored in personal stories from Idaho teens featured in the documentary ‘Nic Sick: The Dangers of Youth Vaping.’ Gain insights into their experiences and consequences.

CATCH My Breath

Empower students to make informed choices about e-cigarettes with CATCH My Breath’s peer-led teaching approach. Dive into engaging videos and resources to equip them with the skills to resist social pressures to vape.

Nicotine Free: Empowering Idaho Youth to Choose a Lifetime of Health

Access free online courses, engaging videos, and mobile programs designed to assist students in quitting commercial nicotine use and vaping for good.

Quick Facts on the Risks of E-cigarettes for Kids, Teens, and Young Adults​

Explore information on smoking, vaping, and the impact on mental health. Explore fact sheets, conversation cards, and a visual dictionary about e-cigarette and vaping products for an in-depth understanding.

Truth Initiative

Introduce your students to inspiring real stories of people who quit vaping. Encourage them to sign up for daily texts filled with advice and support from experts and fellow quitters who understand their challenges while trying to quit smoking.

Commercial Nicotine-Free K-12 School Model Policy

Explore the Commercial-Nicotine-Free-K-12-School Model Policy by the Public Health Law Center. This guide includes model policy Q&A, enforcement tips, and essential information for schools adopting nicotine tobacco-free policies.

Youth Engagement in Nicotine Prevention and Control

Apply evidence-based practices to prevent student nicotine use. Explore effective youth engagement strategies and implementation recommendations.

Project Filter Resources

Discover Project Filter resources, including brochures, wallet cards, and posters. These free tools are here to support and empower your students on their path to a nicotine-free life.


Family Member

Help a loved one quit nicotine.

Support your loved one, whether a teenager or adult, on their quit journey by accessing valuable resources, facts, and supportive tools.

Help a Teen Quit

Quick Facts on the Risks of E-cigarettes for Kids, Teens, and Young Adults

Discover the impact of smoking, vaping, and mental health. Explore fact sheets and resources on e-cigarette products for a comprehensive understanding while supporting your child or sibling.

KNOW VAPE: The Dangers of Youth Vaping

Watch Idaho teens talk about how they started vaping and why they wanted to quit in the Nic Sick: The Dangers of Youth Vaping documentary.

Nicotine Free: Empowering Idaho Youth to Choose a Lifetime of Health

Explore support with free online courses, videos, and mobile programs created to assist you in supporting a youth family member on their journey to quit nicotine and vaping.

Truth Initiative

Introduce your loved one to inspiring stories of successful quitters and encourage them to sign up for daily texts filled with expert advice and support on their journey to quit vaping.

Smokefree Teen

Help your teen quit nicotine with a personalized plan and daily support texts. Whether they smoke, vape, or chew, this roadmap is here to keep them on track, tackle challenges, and quit for good.

Parents Against Vaping

Visit Parents Against Vaping E-cigarettes to hear real life stories and get resources from passionate parents and concerned individuals committed to protecting children from the dangers of vaping and other flavored nicotine use.

Help an Adult Quit

Smoking Health Effects

Learn about the health impacts of smoking, including cancer, heart disease, COPD, and pregnancy complications. Smoking leads to disease and disability, affecting nearly every organ in the body.

Secondhand Smoke

Discover the impact of secondhand smoke (SHS), ways to protect yourself and the community, and more. Learn about the health risks and find information to safeguard against diseases caused by SHS from burning nicotine products.