Healthcare Professionals

Three Ways to Refer

The Idaho Quitline

Project Filter offers free nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and behavioral support through the Idaho QuitLine and online cessation resources. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recognizes smoking cessation services as one of the top services for both preventing health consequences of cigarette use and for cost-effectiveness. NRT, combined with behavioral support screening and counseling, can significantly increase the likelihood of a person successfully quitting when compared to using either intervention in isolation. The effectiveness of quitlines offering proactive telephone counseling and NRT is well established.

NRT Offered Idaho QuitLine Overview for Healthcare Providers Combo NRT Sheet Pregnancy 10-Call Program

Online Tobacco Cessation Program

The Project Filter online program provides web-based tobacco cessation services and includes tools to build a quit plan, interactive practice content to learn strategies to quit and stay quit, progress trackers, and community support.

Every Patient, Every Time

Help us ensure that every patient is screened for tobacco use, tobacco users are advised to quit, and patients are offered evidence-based tobacco cessation interventions. Evidence-based interventions include the 7 FDA-approved medications, and individual, group, or quitline/telephone counseling. As a provider, you can choose to arrange follow-up contact on-site and/or through referrals to the IDQL or a local public health district tobacco cessation class.

The 2As & R - A Brief Tobacco Intervention

Additional Cessation Resources: Brochures and Quit Cards

Not all patients may be ready to make a quit attempt when prompted by a healthcare provider. These patients are best served with a brochure or quit card, so when they’re ready, they have the knowledge and information to help them succeed in their quit attempt. You can either download PDFs directly through the links below or order them through the form to the right, and we will send them to you.

Quit Now Brochure (English) Quit Now Brochure (Spanish) Quit Now Wallet-Size Quit Card (Bilingual)